Water Feature Lining Services

Lining Services offer a fibreglass lining service for water features throughout the UK.

To date we have fibreglass lined numerous water features for shopping centres, leisure centres, councils, stately homes and on many new construction sites.

The beauty of a fibreglass lining is that it can be moulded in-situ to suit any shape and can be finished in client’s colour of choice. We mould the fibreglass around pipework, skimmers, fountains and into drains etc to ensure a full seal is achieved.

Water Feature Lining Solutions

The result of a fibreglass lining is a seamless, one piece, leak proof membrane that will last and guaranteed by Lining Services for 10 years.

We also fibreglass line water features that are going to be overclad and we leave the surface ready to accept the adhesive for the tiles/slabs.

Key Features include:

  • Completely seamless
  • Can be moulded to any shape
  • Colour of choice
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals/acids
  • Leakproof
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

How We Progress An Enquiry

At Lining Services, every enquiry is important to us regardless of size or location. Each enquiry is different in its own right and we give our 100% focus to each one in turn. We believe that attention to detail is key from our initial site survey

Site Survey

Representative visits site to inspect water feature, take dimensions, photographs and discuss the fibreglass lining process.


A quotation with full specification, timescales and any other information will be emailed or posted.


Once an order has been received, RAMS and other necessary paperwork will be issued. Once approved, the work will be completed safely and efficiently.

Is Fibreglass The Right Choice?

A fibreglass lining is the belt and braces option for your water feature requirements.

Rubber liners are difficult to install especially when dealing with a bespoke water feature which is not a standard shape. Fibreglass is easily moulded to the shape of the feature and adheres directly to the substrate. All we require is a sound, solid surface to apply the fibreglass to.

If a rubber liner gets pierced, water will get behind and it will likely be floating on top of the feature. This will not happen with a fibreglass lining due to its high tensile strength.


    Recently Completed Water Feature Lining

    Having a fibreglass lining will ensure you are able to protect your water feature for many years to come. They are a proficient and affordable solution. Get in touch today to find out more about our water feature lining services throughout the UK.