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Wall & Floor Lining

Wall Lining

A fibreglass lining is moulded directly onto the wall, which seals the surface and leaves a completely seamless finish.

No gaps, voids, or any room for bacterial growth.

It’s also easy to clean down and is impact resistant. Furthermore, fibreglass is easy to mould around fixtures and fittings that cannot be removed.

Our fibreglass lining is suitable for all industries including food production, pharmaceutical, chemical producers etc.

  • Totally hygienic
  • Smooth and clean surface
  • Completely seamless finish
  • Impact resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Floor Lining Services in The UK

The floors of your business are essential, but they are so often overlooked. Your company floors are a high traffic area due to clients and busy staff throughout the day, and this means that your floors can start to get broken down after constant use.

This can leave the area subject to damage, it can also leave it looking worn down and tired.

The solution to this is floor lining. This will ensure your floor lasts longer and retains its integrity for a long time to come. That’s why we provide a high-quality floor lining solution for commercial properties. This solution allows you to efficiently save huge costs on relaying your entire floor, whilst still preserving your floor in top condition.

Other Things to Know About a Fibreglass Wall & Floor Lining

Our team of fibreglass laminators will install your fiberglass wall and/or floor lining quickly and efficiently with minimum downtime to your business.

Fibreglass has excellent abrasion and impact resistance, which also means it will withstand all heavy-duty cleaning.

Not to be confused with GRP sheet cladding. Cladding does not adhere direct to the substrate and is not seamless. A fiberglass lining will adhere directly to the substrate and is seamless.

Additionally, the fibreglass finish can be in any RAL colour of your choosing.

Wall and Floor Fibreglass Lining Services

If you have floors or walls that need lining, we’re ready to complete the job to the highest standard in the industry.

Please contact us today for your free, no-obligation budget quotation and/or site survey.

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