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Tank Lining

Tank Lining

Tank lining is the building of a fibreglass tank lining inside an existing vessel. This could be because the existing lining has been corroded or has eroded over time.

The tanks we have lined for include water tanks, effluent tanks, chemical tanks and hydrolized food waste tanks.

Regardless of shape, size and contents, there are few tanks we are unable to fibreglass line.

The main purpose of tank lining is to retain all of the contents of the vessel. Our fibreglass lining service prevents any leakage. This ensures there is no further damage to the substrate and adds much needed structural strength to the tank.

We are proud to offer expert commercial tank lining throughout the UK.

Why Fibreglass Line My Tank?

Having your fibreglass lined is a cost-effective way of preventing the need for expensive tank replacement.

Leaks can often prove to be very costly when it comes to repairs. You may not be able to spot a leak for a considerable length of time, meaning by the time you spot the problem, other underlying issues might already be taking place.

Depending on the location of your tank, you may not see a leak for months or even years. This is why it is essential that you have a lining in place to protect the integrity of your tank.

That’s why, no matter where in the country your business is located, Lining Services will be able to help with expert advice and quality work.

Tank Lining Coating

A fibreglass lining installed by Lining Services offers a long lasting solution, creating a seamless, one piece fibreglass structure within your own tank, suitable for all types and sizes of tanks, with the following benefits.

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to tank lining. The cost of tank lining coating will be far less than the expense that you will have to pay out should your tank leak.

If you have a commercial tank that may require fibreglass lining, we’re here to help.

  • Low cost and avoids expensive replacement
  • Adds structural strength
  • Minimal downtime from your production/services
  • Installed by trained experts
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Tank Lining for Other Purposes

In addition to cold water tank lining, tank lining can be used on all manner of containers – protecting the integrity of the tank and the liquid inside. In many cases, where a corrosive liquid is being stored in a tank, having tank lining in place will ensure that any unsafe liquid is not able to leak.

Service water tanks are very often sited in buildings above offices and should these tanks leak, the damage can be substantial to computer equipment and other electricals that are stored beneath. A fibreglass lining will seal the tank and give peace of mind for many years to come.

Where poor quality materials have been used in the manufacture of the tank, our tank lining will increase the lifespan of the unit. Tank lining is a cost-effective solution to the problems that you may experience with older or poorly manufactured tanks. 

Arrange a Quote for Tank Lining

All work carried out by Lining Services Ltd is guaranteed for 10 years.

We have a wide range of experience providing tank lining. We can help extend the lifespan of your tank and prevent any future leaks from occurring.

For information about our tank lining services, get in touch today. We’ll be happy to help with advice and a free quotation.