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Bund Lining

Our Bund Lining Services

Whether you have an existing bund that requires re-lining, or you are looking to have a new installation, bund lining is essential as it will protect the integrity of the bund.

That’s why we offer our fibreglass bund lining service throughout the whole of the UK.

Bunds are systems designed for the containment of liquid – they contain the release of liquids from storage vessels and tanks.

While materials like mortar and concrete may have great structural properties, they can break down over time and are liable to form cracks, which inevitably lead to leaks.

A fibreglass lining is something that is designed to protect walls and the base of the bund – creating an impenetrable and impermeable coating which is solid and durable.

Bund Lining

With the risk of contaminating the environment and the heavy penalties involved, it is essential that the bunds protecting your storage tanks are kept in good repair.

But what happens if the tank fails and its contents leak? In the short term the surrounding blocks or brickwork will absorb the liquid and contain it but very soon the saturated barrier will break down with only one expensive result.

Vegetation growing in your bund is a sure sign that your bund is not impermeable.

The Solution

fibreglass bund lining is the most cost effective option in the long run. With a lined bund, leaking problems are all but eliminated. Our long life, durable fibreglass lining has been developed to withstand most chemicals and oils. Forming a seamless inner skin, the result is a bund within a bund that will give you a sealed unit and peace of mind for years to come.

  • Low cost
  • Adds structural strength
  • Smooth easy clean surface
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals/acids
  • Installed by experts
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

What Is A Fibreglass Bund Lining?

In simple terms, a fibreglass bund lining is made up of a combination of chopped strand matting and resin, applied using rollers and brushes. The resin will be either polyester, an isophthalic or vinyl ester depending on the level of resistance required. A topcoat will be applied which can be pigmented to the RAL colour of the client’s choice.

Our Bund lining services provide an efficient and cost-effective to save you time and money.

Bund Lining provides you with a seamless temperature and chemical stable barrier that will protect your bund. It is essential that you have a reliable bund lining to ensure that your secondary containment is able to withstand any leaks and spills.

Protecting Your Bund With A Fibreglass Lining

Bunds are often prone to losing their ability to hold liquid. This could be down to bad detailing in the joints, or from damage through impact. Or, this might be caused by chemical erosion where the bund surfaces have been exposed to some particularly aggressive chemicals.

When looking at a bund that needs re-lining, it is important to look for potential damage to the living. There could be a number of ways in which the current lining has broken down. This may include leaks, biological growth, cracks, Ultraviolet damage, and chemical stains.

A reliable bund lining will make sure that not only will there be no leakages, but that any people nearby and the environment in the area are protected if there is a breach in the bund. This will help you to save money on fines, as well as the expense of costly repairs.

Prevention is often better than the cure, and that is why we ensure your fibreglass bund lining meets with Environment Agency guidelines to futureproof your containment needs.

Request a Site Survey and Quotation

We have two options for providing a quotation for your bund fibreglass lining project. The first is by making an appointment to visit and carry out a survey of your bund(s).

During our survey, our representative will explain the process, inspect the bund(s), record dimensions/tank contents and take photographs, if permitted to do so. From this information, we will send a full specification and firm quotation.

Alternatively, if you can forward dimensions, tank contents and possibly a photograph by email, we can initially offer a budget quotation, subject to site survey.

    Recently completed bund lining

    Having a fibreglass lining will ensure you are able to protect your bund for many years to come. They are a proficient and affordable solution. Get in touch today to find out more about our bund lining services throughout the UK.