• 30 Years' Experience in Fibreglass Lining

Vinegar Factory

About the Research

The brickwork walls of this vinegar processing factory were suffering from years of acetic acid fume attack. Many of the bricks were beginning to spall and in some cases were crumbling. This resulted in an unhygienic wall surface which was difficult to clean.

  • Project Title Vinegar Factory
  • Category Wall and Floor Lining
  • Location Staffordshire

Project Summary

Lining Services provided a quotation and specification to fibreglass line the walls and roof support beams of the processing factory.

The client agreed to supply the scaffolding and an order was received. The work was carried out in stages with a quarter of the factory being scaffolded and fibreglass lined at one time before moving on to the next quarter. This was to minimise loss of production and downtime.

The client removed any redundant fixtures, fittings and pipework. Anything that could not be removed was easily moulded around.

As can be seen in the photographs, the transformation was quite incredible.

The walls are totally sealed, hygienic and resistant to further acid attack. They are easy to clean down and the white finish gives a real uplift to the whole factory making it a much brighter environment to work in.