In 2013, Lining Services were given an order to fibreglass line one of these mild steel, open topped waste water storage tanks.


Following approval of all Health and Safety paperwork including all safe working practices, a date was agreed for commencement on site.


Internal scaffolding was erected and internal wall and base surfaces were grit blasted.


The surfaces were primed with isophthalic resin and a laminate consisting of 2 layers of 600 gram chopped strand matting with isophthalic resin were applied.


Once cured, a resin wash and isophthalic topcoat were applied to fully seal. The result was a completely sealed unit that will give trouble free service for years to come


Guaranteed for 10 years.

Waste Water Tank 2
Waste Water Tank 1

The photographs above show the completed fibreglass lining.

Additional layers are applied to the bolt seams or any holed areas that the grit blasting identifies.

Waste Water Tank 3

The fibreglass is taken through the man way and onto the flange to ensure a 100% seal. Once cured, the bolt holes are re-drilled for the hatch cover.

Lining Services have since returned to site and lined two more of these tanks for the client.