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This mild steel mix tank was showing a high level of corrosion with product clinging to the sides of the tank making cleaning down very difficult.

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The solution was to prepare the surfaces to remove the corrosion and apply a fibreglass lining consisting of an isophthalic resin primer followed by 2 layers of 450 gram chopped strand matting impregnated with isophthalic topcoat and finished in grey.

Leaving an easy clean ceramic like surface guaranteed for 10 years.

This rectangular tank was showing quite heavy corrosion and had begun to leak. The internal wall, base and baffle wall surfaces were prepared using a grinder followed by a fibreglass laminate being applied as per the tank above.

Tenmat Mix Tank 1

The result was a completely sealed with the fibreglass adding structural strength. A 10 year guarantee was given against further leakage.

Forming Tank