Effluent Tank 3

These photos show the mild steel effluent tank having been grit blasted and fibreglass lined.


During the initial survey, the tank showed a multitude of holes in the wall surfaces which had been plugged using bolts and wooden bungs.


A quote was given to grit blast and apply a fibreglass lining to the internal surfaces.


On receipt of an order, all necessary paperwork including Method Statement, Risk Assessment, confined space training certificates and insurance covers were issued to the client.

Once the paperwork was approved, a commencement date was agreed.


Following extensive grit blasting an isophthalic resin primer was applied to all surfaces followed by a laminate consisting from 2 layers of 450 gram chopped strand matting impregnated with isophthalic resin. This was followed by a resin wash and topcoat of vinyl ester resin to fully seal.


The tank can continue to give years of trouble free service without the aforementioned leak problems which are now all sealed.

A 10 year guarantee was given.


Note how the fibreglass lining is taken over the top flange of the tank - this is to ensure that an exposed edge is not left where rain water could potentially penetrate behind.
Effluent Tank 5
Efflent Tank 1

The fibreglass is taken through the man way finishing onto the flange face. Once cured, the bolt holes to secure the hatch cover are re-drilled. This ensures a complete seal.


In this instance, the back of the hatch cover was fibreglass lined as well.