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Fibreglass Lining to Flat Roof on Factory in Staffordshire

About the Research

The photographs below show a completed fibreglass lining on a flat roof in Staffordshire. The roof was previously lined with felt which had degraded and was leaking into the building in numerous places.

  • Project Title Fibreglass Lining to Flat Roof
  • Category Roof Lining
  • Location Straffordshire

Project Summary

The client requested that Lining Services carry out a sample area of 20m2 before committing to placing an order for the complete 1400m2 roof area. The sample was duly installed and following a period of testing, an order was authorised to fibreglass line the entire roof. The fibreglass was installed over the felt and taken up all upstands, creating a seamless membrane to fully seal the roof area.

The finish colour was light grey to reduce heat attraction and build up during the summer months. The roof lining has been guaranteed against further leaks for the next 10 years.