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Fibreglass Lining to Two Chemical Bunds in York

About the Research

These photographs show the completed fibreglass lining of a Sodium Hydroxide and a Nitric Acid bund for a food processing company in York.

The pumps in both bunds were leaking and the bases were badly eroded to the extent of exposing the aggregate within.

  • Project Title 2 x Chemical Bunds
  • Category Bund Lining
  • Location York

Project Summary

Before the bunds could be fibreglass lined, the client had them both professionally cleaned. Lining Services boarded out the base of each bund to give a level surface for the fibreglass to be applied.

Due to the concentrations of the chemicals, a vinyl ester resin was used during the lamination process.

The bunds are now completely sealed and any chemical spills will be safely contained.