Floor Lining 1

These photographs show the completed floor lining at a filtration manufacturers in Cornwall.

The floors were previously tiled but were unhygienic in that the grout lines would harbour dirt and were very difficult to clean.

The tiled floors were hand prepared using grinders to etch and provide a key for the resin to bite into. Any voids were filled using a resin based paste.

Once prepared, a resin primer was applied to the floor, followed by 2 layers of 450 gram matting.


The floor was top coated and finished in a metallic silver to fully seal.

An aggregate was applied with the top coat to provide a suitable non-slip surface.

Floor Lining 2
Floor Lining 3

This electrical unit could not be moved so an upstand was created with timber and fibreglass lined to prevent anything from getting underneath the unit.

The lining was taken approximately 100mm up the wall surfaces all around, creating a skirted/bunded floor area.

The result being a fully sealed, easy clean floor area.