Lake Stream Lining


Constructed about 3-4 years ago, the photograph shows a stream with a concrete base which runs between two holding lakes.

Since it was constructed the concrete pool has cracked and water was seeping through the concrete.

Approximately 200 cu.m. water per week was being lost and it was necessary to top up the lakes every week.


In order to solve the problem, it was decided that the best solution would be to line the stream with fibreglass.

The stream was firstly pressure washed clean and then a primer was applied which soaked into the concrete. This was followed by subsequent layers of chopped strand glassfibre, saturated with polyester resin and rolled to exclude all air in the laminate.

When this had cured a high abrasion resistant top coating was applied, together with a coating of sand, which left a standstone type finish.

After the stream was lined with fibreglass it was allowed to cure and the stream and weirs were put back in use, with the result that there were no further leaks and all the water was retained.

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