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Over 30 years of fibreglass lining experience and expertise - your first call for a lining contractor

Over the years, both the versatility of fibreglass linings and the versatility of our grp lining service have been key to our success in solving our customer's containment problems. Whether you are a maintenance engineer, facility's manager, civil engineer, borough engineer or architect, in all sectors - industrial, commercial, public or private, there is a fibreglass lining system to meet all your needs.view of tank lining inside a sprinkler tank

Is fibreglass the right material for you? Nine times out of ten we can confidently say yes. Fibreglass is a remarkably adaptable and durable composite. Your leaking tank, sump, bund, swimming pool or water feature can all be repaired and have a longer life with a fibreglass lining. The major cost of asset replacement and consequent disruption to operations can be avoided if you just think fibreglass lining.

Of course, fibreglass is not only used for refurbishment projects. It is also used in new containment installations, like tank bunds, water features, swimming pools, plant room sealing and other areas such as roofing, wet rooms, shower and hygienic wall lining. A fibreglass liner is a sound investment. Its chemically inert, durable, low maintenance finish and structural qualities means that your structures lined with fibreglass will have very long life cycles. To help you with your project planning and costing contact us for a free site survey or estimate.

So fibreglass is the right material to solve your containment problem. Your next question is - can Lining Services deliver? Can we meet your procurement concerns? Concerns of capability, speed of operation, meeting your site policies, fitting in with your staff and work schedules, provide full documentation.

In other words can Lining Services make it as hassle free a service as possible. Yes - that is our aim and it is how we operate.

Capability - With over 30 years experience in fibreglass, a wealth of expertise, and a client list that is a testament to our capability.

Quality - We offer a 10 year guarantees. However, in practice, the standard of workmanship and quality of materials used mean you'll only have to call us in once - to do the job of applying the fibreglass lining.

Speed - We are conscious that your downtime and disruption can be major cost factors. So be reassured that our fibreglass technicians are some of the fastest operators in our industry.

Onsite compliance/co-operation - we know that having an external workforce onsite is a health & safety concern to you. Our staff come fully trained, equipped and practice safe work procedures. Also full co-operation with the onsite organisation is integral to our staff's approach to their work. Needless to say, we supply all the documentation, method statements and certificates required to complete the job.

To sum up the benefits of using our lining services is that you get attention to detail, flexibility, teamwork, experience and expertise. We are here to help solve your problem. Call or contact for a free survey now. If you have any unanswered concerns or queries please call Steve Dowdell our Contracts Manager 01206 570090

Our Client List for Lining Services includes: Amdega Limited, BPI Films, Bath Waterworks Limited, Bespak Europe Limited, B. Brookes of Norwich Limited, Bluestone Plc, Craigavon Area Hospital, Colart Limited, CMP Batteries, Dennis Eagle Limited, Debut Services (SW) Limited, ESCA Food Solutions, G.E. Caledonian Limited, Hamton Environmental Services Limited, Hydes Brewery Limited, ICI Image Data, l.B. Construction Limited, Joy Mining & Machinery Limited, Kodak Limited, Mitie Engineering Maintenance Limited, Mizkan UK Limited, Owens Corning Veil Limited, Rank Hovis, Sahre Plastics Limited, Shepherd Widnes Limited, Solartron Metrology Limited, Spirac Limited, Trellehorg Sealing Solutions, Univar Limited, Ultra Building Products Limited, Varnhouse Limited, WCS Environmental Limited, WDM Limited, Westland Helicopters Limited, Wiltshire College, Woburn Golf Club, X-Fab Limited

Fibreglass Lining Projects:

chemical bund with new fibreglass liner


A fibreglass lining is ideal for permanently sealing in complicated structures in a containment area. To the right is just such a case, a chemical bund containing the storage of formic acid.

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video still of a chemical bund with new fibreglass liner


Photograph shows a completed fibreglass bund lining in Cheshire. The fibreglass encapsulates all internal walls, gullies and sumps protecting the substrate from contamination by any future chemical spills.

to view installation video

 corroded sprinkler tank needing fibreglass lining


This is a picture of a badly corroding and leaking sprinkler tank prior to fibreglass lining. Our lining created a "tank within a tank" solution.

The result: no more water contamination or leaks and a long lasting, trouble free tank liner.

Read about how a 20 year old effluent tank, destined for the scrap heap is saved...

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 inspecting the new fibreglass wall lining


Today, hygienic environments are an essential part of food production, pharmaceutical manufacture and health facilities. Wall to wall fibreglass lining helps prevent problems with bacteria and vermin, is easy to keep clean and is extremely hard wearing.

The new wall lining is being inspected at a modern dairy.

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 Woburn Golf Club stream


Always up for solving a challenge - Lining Services solved Woburn Golf Club's leaking stream and lakes.

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 liner for a water shoot


If your water attraction has structural/containment problem call us in to fix it. We returned a "Jungle River" ride back into full operation at Centre Parcs, Longleat. It was badly eroded and leaking.

Our fibreglass lining sealed the leaks, reduced maintenance time/costs - resulting in more fun time for park visitors! Gains all round.

view of newly installed roof gutter liner


Here you can see the white finish to a fibreglass lining that solves the problem of a badly corroded and leaking guttering.

This one piece guttering was moulded in-situ and comes guaranteed for 10 years.

school swimming pool relined


A leaking, run down, swimming pool at private school in Surrey is restored with a fibreglass lining - the perfect long lasting solution.

Many generations of young swimmers to come will benefit from this investment in fibreglass.

Full Documentation supplied to meet Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers & Product Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Relevant Employee Training Certificates
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
Our lining operations are staffed by highly experienced and fully trained managers & technicians in:
  • Client National Safety Group
  • Health & Safety management
  • Confined Spaces Training
  • Hazechem
  • COSHH Procedures
testimonial graphicWith this being our first experience with Lining Services I was a little concerned as we have had new contractors cause serious issues with poor safety performance, poor quality etc., so you can imagine how this concern magnified when my plans changed and I was not going to be on site during this work. But I'm very pleased to say that your team performed impeccably, they followed our site safety rules and your company method statement to the letter and I have heard nothing but compliments from our staff.

With regard to the lining works - they appear sound, the floor area has a non-slip surface, the colour is a good match to our existing tank colour scheme and the surrounding area was left in a clean and tidy condition, so all in all a very good service.

I thank you and your team for the attention to detail and in providing a very satisfying service.

Daryl Munt
Site Facilities & Maintenance Manager
Grace Construction Products Ltd
testimonial graphicJust to say thank you to you and your team for carrying out a perfect job. Very well done. Nothing was too much trouble. Well executed. Professionally done. The team came, did their work and left - no dirt or mess - simply an exemplary job by an exemplary team.

Thanks again to you all.

Vernon R. Jones
Contract Engineering Manager
Mitie Engineering maintenance at Rohm and Haas