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A leak in a Fountain, Swimming Pool, Reservoir or Stream even?

All these water containment problems have been successfully solved with an on-site fibreglass lining from Lining Services.

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Time to complete a water feature depends on the weather. 5-7 days.
Containment of water is a common problem facing the leisure industry and water industry. A leak is bad news if you are in charge of maintenance or have responsibility for a swimming pool, fountain, lake, lagoon, reservoir, rill, water ride or river.

The causes of leaks are many and include:

  • ground movement causing cracking of the containment structure.
  • chemical and pollutant erosion of the liner.
  • UV degradation and embrittlement of the liner.
  • puncture or continuous abrasion of the liner.
  • force of water flow damaging the liner or containment structure (as in water rides).
  • weathering and aging process affecting the containment structure or liner or both.

view of blue lining of a water ride

So for any of the above reasons you have a leak. The consequent loss of revenue or cost of replacing the water loss is obviously a serious concern to you.. You need to get it fixed quickly and permanently. But equally the cost of repair is a significant factor in your decision of what to do next.

Fortunately, there are many different liner options available to you. Today, you are spoilt for choice. But none of the butyl, HDPE and bentonite liners give you the peace of mind that comes with a fibreglass lining.

In almost all cases a fibreglass lining is your sound and long term solution. No other process or material has all of a fibreglass lining's advantages and properties. There are many and include:
  • its chemically inert structure withstands chemical and pollutant erosion.
  • highly durable, seamless finish is abrasion resistant.
  • it is impact and puncture resistant.
  • fibreglass's high tensile and compressive strength means it will with stand high pressure water flow and counteract earth movement and root growth.
  • fibreglass out performs other liners in terms of weathering and ageing degradation.
  • fibreglass linings come in a wide choice of colours and finishes.
So, basically a fibreglass lining will permanently solve 99% of your leakage problems. There really is no other choice if want a hassle free future.

Call or contact us, the lining experts, for a free no obligation site survey and consultation. Our surveyor will advise you on the fastest, most cost effective, long lasting solution. You'll also get attention to detail like aesthetically matching the fibreglass lining finish to the surrounding substrate.

See the stream and lakes lining project at Woburn Golf Club as a good example of how we operate to ensure 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

If you need more information please feel free to send us query on water features and pools or talk to Steve Dowdell our Contracts Manager on 01206 570090
Our Client List for Water Feature Linings includes: Wiltshire College, Woburn Golf & Country Club, Whipsnade Zoo, Eden Design & Facilities Management Ltd, Drayton Manor Theme Park, ITV Central, Orien Contracts Ltd, London Zoo and many more..........

Fibreglass Lining Projects:

leaking river at Woburn Golf Club


Pushing the boundaries - leaking stream and lakes at Woburn Golf Club are solved with a fibreglass lining.

more information..

 Wiltshire College leaking fountain sealed with a fibreglass liner


A fountain lining was applied to Wiltshire College's leaking fountain. Sandstone grit was applied to the top gel coat so that no join could be easily seen.
It continues to serve as a garden ornament and back drop to wedding photographs.
school swimming pool relined


Leaking liner, loose and grimy tiling, unsightly staining and peeling - all can be resolved with a fibreglass lining. Its ceramic finish comes in a wide range of colours.

Give your swimming pool a new lease of life as this private school in Surrey did.

No points
of ingress
High tensile/
Fibreglass Lining tick tick tick tick tick
(Butyl & HDPE
cross cross cross tick cross
Bentonite Liner tick cross tick tick cross
Epoxy Coating cross tick cross tick cross
Tiling tick tick tick cross cross
A table detailing the clear advantages of fibreglass lining over other systems of water containment.
Will the fibreglass lining seal leaks in the structure?
Yes, most definitely. The fibreglass lining provides a homogenous one piece fibreglass mould inside the structure. We guarantee the lining for 10 years, but in our experiencce the lining should last much longer than this and we have records in our office showing that linings that we have applied over 20 years ago are still perfectly sound and leak free.

What about movement in the concrete structure after the lining is applied?
The lining provides a one piece flexible moulding inside the concrete structure and any future movement in the concrete will be "taken up" behind the lining so that it will remain intact.

What about the colour of the lining?
We can provide in any RAL colour and the lining would be UV resistant. In some cases we install the lining using natural resin which is honey coloured and we can impregnate this with silica which when cured leaves a sandstone-like finish.

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Just to say thank you to you and your team for carrying out a perfect job. Very well done. Nothing was too much trouble. Well executed. Professionally done. The team came, did their work and left - no dirt or mess - simply an exemplary job by an exemplary team.

Thanks again to you all.

Vernon R. Jones
Contract Engineering Manager
Mitie Engineering maintenance at Rohm and Haas

Process of Work

Site Survey:

During the on-site survey we can investigate thoroughly your problem and in discussion with you come up with a solution that meets your needs. A health & safety assessment for the job will also be made whilst on-site.


A full quotation, specification, turnaround time, and schedule are then sent to you.


On your approval we will prepare and supply you with all the required compliance documentation and method statement. A time schedule for the job will be agreed.


  • Upon arrival at your site our team of technicians will have a site induction and all needed safety equipment is set in place.
  • Preparation of the surfaces is commenced. Depending on the job it may require any of the following: pressure wash cleaning, removal of all moisture, infilling of cracks and voids with an epoxy vinyl ester paste, providing a key.
  • The lamination process starts with a primer coat applied to the surfaces. Layers of fibreglass mat and resins are then laid down. When finished it is left to cure. The curing period depends on the weather conditions. A final resin top coat is then applied with your requested finish
  • On job completion your site is cleared of all our equipment, surplus and waste products and materials.
Full Documentation supplied to meet Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers & Product Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Relevant Employee Training Certificates
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
Our lining operations are staffed by highly experienced and fully trained managers & technicians in:
  • Client National Safety Group
  • Health & Safety management
  • Confined Spaces Training
  • Hazechem
  • COSHH Procedures