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A hygienic wall liner that lasts - there is only one choice to make

An on site produced fibreglass wall lining out performs all other wall liners.

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Average time to complete a wall lining is 4-5 days
Getting hygienic easy to clean walls that can take the occasional 'knock' is your number one priority. You have inherited or have lived with your present walls. They are not looking their best. But now you are having to deal with excessive maintenance costs. Or the deterioration of the wall surfaces is such that proper sterilisation and cleaning has become impractical. An answer to these problems is for you to procure a wall lining.

pickling plant staff at work with the new hygienic wall liner environmentToday, you'll find many different methods and products to line your walls. But when you look into the details there is really only one material and process that will produce the wall restoration you are looking for. You want a wall lining that is:

  • easy to keep sterile - a no go zone for mould, yeast and bacterial growth.
  • prevents moisture or damp penetration.
  • abrasion and stain resistant.
  • high impact resistant.
  • seamless and seals in complex piping, conduits, control boxes and other wall furniture that cannot be removed.
  • withstands operating environmental temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C.
  • prevents vermin infestation.
The only contender that fits this profile is the on site produced fibreglass wall lining.

A fibreglass wall lining should in no way be confused with grp sheet cladding. Fibreglass or grp cladding does not compare. Here is where grp and pvc cladding liners lose out to a fibreglass lining:
  • grp cladding is not seamless, allowing potential ingress of dirt and bacteria.
  • grp cladding and pvc cladding is difficult to successfully install/seal/surround complex wall surfaces.
  • grp cladding does not seal directly to walls allowing possible moisture penetration and where there are voids their is potential for vermin infestation and bacterial growth.

So keep in mind fibreglass liner when you want the best, proven solution. Also when you think of all the disruption and inconvenience caused by having your walls lined you truly only want it done once. Trust in a fibreglass lining for permanence and performance and you will only need to have it done once.

Over the years we have found the versatile fibreglass wall lining is a reliable answer to producing sterile or easy to clean environments for commercial kitchens, food processing manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical production, supermarket storage areas, health care establishments, hospitals, sport and leisure wet rooms and prisons.

Contact or call Steve Dowdell, our Contracts Manager, 01206 570090 to arrange an obligation free survey and consultation.

We have the reputation for providing fast and smooth installations. We work as a team with on site staff, follow health safety procedures and industry best practices. Last but not least we do not leave without 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

Our Client List for Wall Lining and Shower Linings projects includes: Britvic, Mizkan UK Limited, Express Dairies, United Distillers, Meridian Foods, Mcvities, Tate & Lyle, Fisher Frozen Foods, Bespak Europe Ltd, Univar Ltd, Swann-Morton Ltd, McCain Foods Ltd, PAS Grantham, CMP Batteries Ltd - (shower linings), Wiltshire College - (shower linings)

Fibreglass Lining Projects:

food processing factory wall needing a hygienic wall liner


This project clearly demonstrates what a transformation a fibreglass wall lining can make to a working environment.

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No points
of ingress
for bacteria
Fibreglass Lining tick tick tick tick tick
GRP Cladding tick cross tick cross tick
PVC Cladding tick cross tick cross cross
Sterile Paints cross tick cross tick cross
Tiling tick tick tick cross cross
A table revealing the clear advantages of a fibreglass lining over other forms of hygienic wall cladding and lining.
All Documentation supplied to meet Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers & Product Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Relevant Employee Training Certificates
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
Our wall lining installations are staffed by experienced and fully trained managers & technicians in:
  • Client National Safety Group
  • Health & Safety management
  • Confined Spaces Training
  • Hazechem
  • COSHH Procedures
If walls are fibreglass lined how long will it last?
We guarantee our fibreglass wall linings for 10 years, but in our experience the fibreglass lining should last a lot longer than this and we have examples of fibreglass wall linings that were carried out 20 years ago and still in good condition.

If walls are fibreglass lined, what about abrasion and impact resistance?
A. Fibreglass wall linings have excellent abrasion and impact resistance and can withstand the impact of forklift trucks etc. hitting the lining and the abrasion resistance is such that it will withstand a considerable amount of cleaning..

Can I pressure wash/steam clean the fibreglass lining?
Yes, the fibreglass lining will withstand pressure washing and steam cleaning and is resistant to most detergents.

Will the fibreglass lining fill all cracks and cavities?
Yes, the fibreglass when being applied will fill all cracks and cavities and completely seals these areas, leaving a flat ceramic like appearance.

What maintenance of the fibreglass wall lining is required?
The fibreglass lining is maintenance free and will last indefinitely. All that is required is the occasional wipe down or pressure/steam cleaning.

Do we need to do anything to prepare the walls before your team arrives to apply the wall liner?
Yes, it's your responsibility to move all fixtures/fittings where possible. The fibreglass lining can be moulded around anything that cannot be moved.

Program of Work

Site Survey:

The visit to your site will establish what your requirements are for the successful installation of a fibreglass wall lining. The survey will include a health and safety assessment.


Next you'll receive a quotation and work schedule.


Once the tender is accepted by you we will supply you with a method statement and all the compliance documentation required.


  • Depending on the structure of your building any gable ends and large voids may need to be infilled, as agreed, with plywood cladding.
  • Extractor unit to be set up to extract fumes via ducting to outside atmosphere, where they will cause no inconvenience to others. Alternatively, the unit can be switched to blow fresh air into the work area.
  • The fibreglass lamination process is then started by our technicians, in full safety kit.
  • Other trades working in the area will be monitored by our site foreman. The immediate work area will be off limits to other personnel.
  • Once the fibreglass wall liner fabrication is complete we will clear your site of all containers and materials, whether used or otherwise.
testimonial graphicWith this being our first experience with Lining Services I was a little concerned as we have had new contractors cause serious issues with poor safety performance, poor quality etc., so you can imagine how this concern magnified when my plans changed and I was not going to be on site during this work. But I'm very pleased to say that your team performed impeccably, they followed our site safety rules and your company method statement to the letter and I have heard nothing but compliments from our staff.

With regard to the lining works - they appear sound, the floor area has a non-slip surface, the colour is a good match to our existing tank colour scheme and the surrounding area was left in a clean and tidy condition, so all in all a very good service.

I thank you and your team for the attention to detail and in providing a very satisfying service.

Daryl Munt
Site Facilities & Maintenance Manager
Grace Construction Products Ltd