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Tank Lining Services

Repair & extend the life of your tank by 20 years plus with a fibreglass tank lining.

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Average turnaround time for a tank of say 6m diameter x 7-8m high is normally about 8 - 10 days
A tank leak means a serious problem for you. It signals major costs and significant disruption to your production. A major responsibility and headache.

One answer is to decommission the leaking tank and install a new one. The trouble with this approach is that steel tanks generally have a very short life span. Our experience, over many long years, is that even steel tanks with glass enamel coating last for only 3 to 4 years. Eventually, the coating is damaged, exposing the steel and allowing corrosion to set in.

applying a fibreglass tank liner

Another approach, less costly and less disruptive is to go for a tank repair with a pvc liner. Once again this is not a long term solution. As you'll appreciate, in the harsh industrial environment a pvc liner is vulnerable to puncture and tears. Water or liquid pressure will force through the smallest puncture in the pvc and fill the void between liner and tank sides. You are, then, back to square one, responsible for a corroding and leaking tank that, now, needs relining.

The only long term, cost effective, least disruptive answer is a fibreglass lining. Fibreglass properties make it one of toughest and adaptable materials available to industry. However harsh or corrosive the operating conditions your tank has to work in we have the expertise to produce a lining to match it. With one of our tank linings we can help you break the expensive and stressful cycle of tank leak and tank repair.

Basically, our on-site tank lining process creates a fibreglass tank within your tank. You tank acts as a former. This highlights a fibreglass lining's additional advantage. Its high tensile and compressive strength means that even if your corroded tank has quite substantial holes it can probably be saved with a fibreglass lining. Call or contact Lining Services and let us help you extend the life of your tank. We guarantee our fibreglass linings for ten years but in actuality 20 plus years is not unheard of.

So, a fibreglass tank lining makes sense. Calling in Lining Services to do the job makes equal sense. Our experience and skilled workforce will ensure as smooth an operation on your site as possible. We work fast. We work as a team and in full co-operation with your production department. Our fibreglass technicians studiously stick to on-site company rules, with health and safety regulations and industry best practice methods.

Start solving this procurement problem today. Contact or call Steve Dowdell on 01206 570090 to arrange for a no obligation free survey and consultation. A fibreglass lining is a long term investment in trouble free production at highly competitive upfront costs.

Our Client List for Tank Lining projects includes: London Bridge Hospital, Bright Steels Ltd, Novartis Ltd, Jaguar Building Services Ltd, London Zoo, Bemis Elsham Ltd, DHL Aviation Ltd, BAM Nuttall Ltd, Rotherham Council, Pinguin Foods UK Ltd, Selly Oak Hospital, Joy Mining Machinery Ltd, Greencore Frozen Foods, Shepherd Widnes Ltd, G.E. Caledonian Ltd, Craigavon Area Hospital and many more..............

Fibreglass Lining Projects:

corroded sectional effluent tank


Water contamination and leaks are a typical problems of steel tank corrosion. But this 20 year old sectional effluent tank got a new lease of life...

more information..

Fibreglass Lining tick tick tick tick tick
Butyl Liners cross cross tick cross cross
PVC Liners cross cross tick cross cross
Polypropylene cross cross tick cross cross
A table highlighting how fibreglass out performs other tank liners.
All Documentation supplied to comply with Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers & Product Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Relevant Employee Training Certificates
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
Our tank lining operations are staffed by very experienced and trained managers & technicians in:
  • Client National Safety Group
  • Health & Safety management
  • Confined Spaces Training
  • Hazechem
  • COSHH Procedures
Is the surface easy to clean after lining with fibreglass?
Yes, after fibreglass lining the surface finish has a ceramic-like smooth surface, which can be pressure washed, steam cleaned and scrubbed clean.

Is the fibreglass lining resistant to high temperatures?
The fibreglass lining is resistant to temperatures of up to 80 deg.C.

Is the fibreglass lining chemical resistant?
Yes, the fibreglass lining is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and we do have a list of chemicals to which the lining is resistant. Also we have a vast amount of knowledge in-house regarding chemical tanks that we have lined over the years. We tailor the resin in accordance to the chemical resistance required and this can be either polyester, isophthalic, vinyl ester or epoxide resins.

On Site Fibreglass Tank Lining Applications:
  • Large Panel Type Cylindrical Tanks
  • Braithwaite Sectional Tanks
  • Welded Steel Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Sprinkler Tanks
  • Oil Tank Repair

Schedule of Work

Site Survey:

At your free on-site survey our consultant will assess your tank problems and come back with recommendations.


A full quotation and specification is sent to you.


With your go ahead we will supply a method statement and all the compliance documentation needed.


  • On arrival, our team will set up agreed safety systems for tank lining. These may include: scaffolding tower, power supply, oxygen monitor and oxygen escape sets, extraction fan, lighting, waste disposal units.
  • First, the internal tank surfaces are cleaned and keyed with grit blasting.
  • The laminating process is then started with application of a primer coat, followed by layers of chopped strand matt. Once this process is completed a 12 hour curing period follows.
  • Finally the surface is sealed with a resin top coat.
  • Our team leaves, clearing your site of all equipment, surplus and waste products and materials.
testimonial graphicWith this being our first experience with Lining Services I was a little concerned as we have had new contractors cause serious issues with poor safety performance, poor quality etc., so you can imagine how this concern magnified when my plans changed and I was not going to be on site during this work. But I'm very pleased to say that your team performed impeccably, they followed our site safety rules and your company method statement to the letter and I have heard nothing but compliments from our staff.

With regard to the lining works - they appear sound, the floor area has a non-slip surface, the colour is a good match to our existing tank colour scheme and the surrounding area was left in a clean and tidy condition, so all in all a very good service.

I thank you and your team for the attention to detail and in providing a very satisfying service.

Daryl Munt
Site Facilities & Maintenance Manager
Grace Construction Products Ltd