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Fibreglass Lining a Tank Bund

A fibreglass bund lining is the most cost effective option in the long run.

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Average time to complete a tank bund lining is 4-5 days
Storing large volumes of fuel, oil or chemicals on-site means you're responsible for the maintenance of a tank bund. Your bund is probably made of block, brick or reinforced concrete construction.

And therein lies a problem. You'll be aware that this form of secondary containment has major weaknesses. Brick work and block work are porous. Once there has been any spillage, contaminants will eventually migrate through the bund walls and seep into the environment. Are there those tell-tale signs of leaching at the base of your bund walls?

view of lining of a chemical bund

Concrete is no better. Weathering, ageing and ground movement will produce cracks and consequent leakage into the substrate. Have you noticed after a heavy down pour rain water rapidly disappears from your tank bund?

So potential contamination, expensive clean up and high financial penalties are a risk to your business. Researching the web means you're, almost certainly, looking into having a tank bund repair, lining or relining. Ideally you want to keep costs down, extend the life of your bund and reduce on-site disruption. An important factor is that you want a low maintenance solution that lasts for many years down the line.

A low cost, low disruption, low maintenance, long life bund solution

Our on-site fibreglass bund lining system is the best answer to your needs. Although fibreglass is but one of the many liners available to fix your bund problem, we think you'll find it the clear winner.
  • Fibreglass is highly durable in extremely corrosive environments.
  • It is a low/zero maintenance product that seals all structures, piping and cables that extend beyond the bund.
  • With its low life cycle cost it will please your board and shareholders.
  • And as an added bonus, fibreglass is the only lining that will add high tensile and compressive strength to your bund walls and base.

You can rely on our team of highly experienced fibreglass technicians to keep on-site disruption to a minimum. They are one of the fastest workforces in the industry. They also work to high standards and use top grade materials. This ensures that our standard 10 year guarantee for a containment bund is rarely called upon. (In practice, done properly, our lining system will outlast our guarantee by many years).

So you can see, fibreglass is the best option and Lining Services are the best people to extend the life of your tank bunding. Start the ball rolling now. Call or contact us for a free on-site no-obligation survey. We can help solve your problem and cross that nagging risk off your list of responsibilities.

If you need more information please feel free to send us query on tank bunds or talk to Steve Dowdell our Contracts Manager 01206 570090.

Our Client List for Bund Lining projects includes: Centec International Ltd, EON, Darlington Memorial Hospital, Rockwood Pigments, Champion Technologies, Bespak Europe Ltd, X-Fab UK Ltd, Leeds City Council, Eaton Aerospace Ltd, Amey Plc, Westland Helicopters, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd, Perkins Engine Company Ltd, Wylfa Power Station and many more........

Fibreglass Lining Projects:

chemical bund with new fibreglass liner


Using a fibreglass lining is really the only practical option for sealing in complicated structures in a containment area. This chemical bund clearly shows how well Lining Services' approach works.

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video still of a chemical bund with new fibreglass liner


The original exposed concrete base of this bund would have absorbed chemical spills and be a potential cause of pollution to the surrounding environment. Answer: to install a fibreglass lining to enclose all internal walls, gullies and sumps.

to view installation video

 transformer bund with new fibreglass bund lining


Electricity sub-station transformers are complex structures often containing up to 40,000 litres of cooling/insulating oil. Slow leakage of oil is a common problem of these installations

With a new fibreglass bund liner this is one transformed transformer.

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(Butyl & HDPE
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Bentonite Liner tick cross tick cross cross
Epoxy Coating cross tick cross cross cross
A table demonstrating the clear advantages of a fibreglass lining over other liners and secondary containment systems.
Full Documentation supplied to meet Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Employers & Product Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Relevant Employee Training Certificates
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Product Data Sheet
Our bund lining operations are staffed by highly experienced and fully trained managers & technicians in:
  • Client National Safety Group
  • Health & Safety management
  • Confined Spaces Training
  • Hazechem
  • COSHH Procedures
If the bund is lined by Lining Services how long will it last?
We offer a guarantee of ten years for all our fibreglass lining work, but in our experience fibreglass linings last much longer and 20 - 30 years would be usual.

Is the bund fibreglass lining chemical resistant?
Yes we have a wide range of chemical resistant resins - isophthalic, vinyl ester and epoxy based resins, which are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. We also have a vast amount of experience in-house of the resistance of our fibreglass linings to chemical environments.

What about cleaning the bund prior to lining?
We normally expect our clients to steam/chemical clean the bund prior to lining. Alternatively we can arrange, through a sub-contractor, suitable cleaning and in certain conditions the bund may need to be gritblasted.

In certain areas of the bund the brickwork/blockwork is loose. Will I need to repair this before the bund is lined?
Yes, it would be necessary to repair any severely damaged areas. But where cracks and erosion is evident, the fibreglass lining will impart additional structural strength to the walls of the bund and it will seal all cracks and voids.

Program of Work

Site Survey:

We arrange with you a free on-site survey of your tank bund. It is a chance for you to talk to us and for us to see exactly what your needs are. At the same time we gather information so we can produce a risk assessment in compliance to the Health & Safety directives.


We supply a full quotation, turnaround time, and time table of work by post, fax or email.


Once commissioned we will prepare and supply you with all the required compliance documentation for our workforce to come on site and complete the bund lining.


  • Arrive on-site, set up all safety equipment as required by the job specification.
  • Prepare the surfaces, removing all moisture and providing a key.
  • Apply fibreglass mat and resins to bund wall and base including all superstructure, piping entering the bund area.
  • Clearance of site of all equipment, surplus and waste products and materials.
testimonial graphicWith this being our first experience with Lining Services I was a little concerned as we have had new contractors cause serious issues with poor safety performance, poor quality etc., so you can imagine how this concern magnified when my plans changed and I was not going to be on site during this work. But I'm very pleased to say that your team performed impeccably, they followed our site safety rules and your company method statement to the letter and I have heard nothing but compliments from our staff.

With regard to the lining works - they appear sound, the floor area has a non-slip surface, the colour is a good match to our existing tank colour scheme and the surrounding area was left in a clean and tidy condition, so all in all a very good service.

I thank you and your team for the attention to detail and in providing a very satisfying service.

Daryl Munt
Site Facilities & Maintenance Manager
Grace Construction Products Ltd